Social money 💸 for social networks

Unlock your community’s economy with money built for engagement. As easy as emojis and GIFs, moneymail is designed for monetization.

Powered by memes. Backed by dollars.

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Redeem 💸 for dollars

Purchase with Apple Pay and redeem for dollars held in a federally regulated bank.

Easy 📱 integration

Add social money features to your app with our easy to use developer tools.

From SDKs to APIs, moneymail provides the tools for engagement.

Designed for your
🌐 community

Create your own money and digital goods to engage your community.

Emojis and reactions will never be the same.

Social 😃 money

Our relationship with money is changing and with it, the surface of money is changing. As the translator of commerce, money has always been a form of human language. Now that our lives are moving online, that language is evolving.

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